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We are fully aware of the ranking requirements, by translating ranking criteria for your institute with all the tools and the capabilities to cover all the ranking requirements, track records, history, and by managing and supporting universities through training.

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Great impact on your marketing campaign.

Proving your presence among regional competitors.

Obtaining competitive advantage in the region.

Increasing the ownership of the institute academic staff.

Involving the student in projects that affects the glory of their institute.

Quantum Research Excellence Analysis

Research Excellence Factor (REF) is an important measure of the quantity and quality of research output and its related citations for an academic institution. Achieving Research Excellence is usually a long-term effort that must be included in the strategic planning of an institution; however, it can be enhanced using specific analysis techniques to determine the strengths and weakness resulting in a set of steps that can boost the REF of an institution in a short period of time.

Quantum offers this is a unique service to academic institutions who wish to enhance the output of their scientific research. This service provides institutions with a complete analysis of their indexed research including research output and citations per author, discipline, and the institution as a whole. A comparison of your institution with other related institutions in the region is also performed to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of your research. The result of the analysis is then carefully mapped to the Excellence Factor used by world ranking systems.

A comprehensive report is provided to your institution which includes analysis, recommendations, and best practices. These recommendations guarantee the institution to enhance the quantity and quality of research output, thus directly influencing the research ranking of the institution.

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